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What are you waiting for? Join the Gilad Krein Academy and learn from Gilad Krein’s investment and trading courses to increase your wealth in a calculated way and without dreams of getting rich quick!

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Blockchain Education

What will we teach you in the crypto course? Introduction to the history of money. what is money Barter economy, gold and silver metals, abolition of the gold standard, fiat economy, 2008 crisis, corona crisis, what is Bitcoin. A brief explanation of previous attempts to invent a digital currency system, the problem of decentralization and centralization, all the issues

Mining Solutions

What did Stushie do and when, Whit Piper, the launch of Bitcoin, concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies, transactions, what the Bitcoin system looks like. A system of checks and balances enforced by mathematical laws looks like a block, coin mining. what is mining

Crypto INvesting

Opening a Bitusi or Kraken trading account and Trezor cold wallet. Crypto taxation – various tax events. Crypto and the encounter with fiat, various AML events, proper conduct in the crypto world.

Gilad Krein Academy

The best-selling and most popular course in Israel as of today – a broad and comprehensive digital course – with over 30 recorded hours covering the crypto world from A to Z, from technology, history and finance – to fundamental research, trading, risk management and building an investment portfolio

Why should you register for a crypto course?

The digital currency market has stormed into us and it is still full of huge potential, the large sums of money entering it create very large opportunities that should not be missed!
By trading in digital currencies you will have the ability to take advantage of the potential that lies in the market that is in its infancy. Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more continue to generate opportunities for traders, even after rising thousands of percent.
Your life will be more interesting, more independent with greater possibilities.
Your knowledge will allow you to make the right decisions and conduct yourself wisely in this new market
Your experience will increase, which will help you trade more successfully and full of opportunities
You will develop trading skills that will reduce risk and increase your success rates.

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