About Gilad Krein

Mr. Gilad Krein brings rich legal knowledge in his areas of expertise. In recent years, he has participated in unique seminars and courses abroad in the various fields of law, including: litigation, intellectual property, companies and corporations, financial claims, class actions, real estate and real estate, freedom of information, privacy, copyright and defamation. Adv. and arbitration and before statutory authorities.

We at the Gilad Krein, contain for you all the effects that law and law have on your business (or transaction). We take complex and obscure topics and make them accessible and direct for you. We are responsible for the wide variety of legal work that needs to be done in the background, so that you can continue to create, progress, operate and succeed.

The principles we act according to are: professionalism, respect, commitment. We believe that our role, first and foremost, is to harness to your service legal tools that will help you achieve results. We do not see ourselves as consultants or lawyers only. We perceive our role as a business advisor, who can provide the client with legal tools and thus assist him in discovering both opportunities and threats. We also invest the same level of involvement, partnership and creativity in community and environmental pro-bono projects that we see fit to promote as part of our firm’s non-profit activities.