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The first steps in the field of digital currencies can be complicated for many. Nevertheless, this is an industry and technology that are in their infancy.

Therefore, Gilad Krein have launched a special one-on-one support service for you with an expert who will teach you the things that are important for you to know, the options available to you, the safe ways to be exposed to the field and who will make sure that every step you take is done well and correctly.

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Blockchain Education

What will we teach you in the crypto course? Introduction to the history of money. what is money Barter economy, gold and silver metals, abolition of the gold standard, fiat economy, 2008 crisis, corona crisis, what is Bitcoin. A brief explanation of previous attempts to invent a digital currency system, the problem of decentralization and centralization, all the issues

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Mining Solutions

What did Stushie do and when, Whit Piper, the launch of Bitcoin, concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies, transactions, what the Bitcoin system looks like. A system of checks and balances enforced by mathematical laws looks like a block, coin mining. what is mining

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Crypto INvesting

Opening a Bitusi or Kraken trading account and Trezor cold wallet. Crypto taxation – various tax events. Crypto and the encounter with fiat, various AML events, proper conduct in the crypto world.

Gilad Krein Mining solutions

The digital currency market has stormed into us and it is still full of huge potential, the large sums of money entering it create very large opportunities that should not be missed! By trading in digital currencies you will have the ability to take advantage of the potential that lies in the market that is in its infancy. Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more continue to generate opportunities for traders, even after rising thousands of percent. Your life will be more interesting, more independent with greater possibilities. Your knowledge will allow you to make the right decisions and conduct yourself wisely in this new market Your experience will increase, which will help you trade more successfully and full of opportunities You will develop trading skills that will reduce risk and increase your success rates.

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How Blockchain Works

Gilad Krein’s team of experts invites you to a professional personal meeting aimed at guiding you through the first steps of purchasing a digital currency. The service includes a personal Zoom meeting.The first  option in front of you is one that advances in Bitcoin only – the leading, oldest and most dominant digital currency.

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Why Invest in Crypto?

The service is intended for investors and individuals who wish to purchase Bitcoin and digital currencies – preferably for an amount exceeding NIS 10,000 – and are interested in professional support with Gilad Krein experts on our behalf who will also devote their time to answering questions and close technical support.

Fast and Global

Let’s start with a parable from game theory called the problem of the Byzantine generals – the army has several generals who are planning an attack on a fortified city, but the ability to communicate between them is broken and they are only able to communicate through messengers – a way that can create dislike and antagonism due to lack of trust, slowness, disagreement and the like.



Blockchain is an innovative concept in the computing world where the main idea behind the technology is the creation of a system that enables business activity on the Internet without the need for the supervision of a central management entity. 


For example, the blockchain allows the transfer of funds between peer to peer without the need for supervision or management by an external party, this through cryptography and a consensus mechanism (usually proof of work or proof of holding) that allow the blockchain to be a record of transactions on which transactions can be recorded but cannot Edit or overwrite previous transactions.

Guaranteed Security

Until today, the banks served as supervisors of all financial transfers and they are the ones who intervened in the value of the physical coins and bills. In P2P platforms (peer to peer) there is no external body that supervises the business activity and the technology replaces the role of the banks.

Crypto Wallet

This is actually the basis behind blockchain technology. Using this technology, the digital record is saved on the computers of all network users without revealing their identity. The digital registration includes information about the users’ accounts and the registration of money transfers made from the accounts, where the information is accessible, transparent and available to any other user, while strictly maintaining the identity of the users and their privacy.

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What is Blockchain?

You've probably heard of blockchain in relation to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but what is blockchain? In short, a blockchain is a digital, decentralized ledger that keeps track of all transactions. It's called a "distributed ledger" because it's not stored in...

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Bitcoin: Is It Over?

With the recent volatility in the value of Bitcoin, there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not the digital currency is in a bubble that is about to burst. While it is impossible to predict the future of Bitcoin with 100% accuracy, we can take a look at...

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